Insignia Software

Insignia Software has been in business since 1999. At Insignia Software we specialize in developing state of the art Education software for k-12. Insignia products are based on the latest technologies from Microsoft and are developed in .net with Microsoft SQL 2005 as the backend database.

All features of insignia products are developed in-house, enabling us to be more proactive to our customer needs. Insignia products are fully integrated with other Insignia products and products that are based on open standards. Insignia Software products are scalable to meet the needs of any number of schools or libraries as standalone or as a consortium.

Insignia Library System is a high-end scalable system which can be installed for a single site or a consortium of libraries. It is MARC 21, SIF, EDI, LDAP, NCIP compliant and has integrated Z39.50 client and Z39.50 Server. In addition to that it comes with acquisition system, web portal, serial module, textbook tracking and media booking system. All of Insignia products come with auto-dialer, which is developed in house.

Insignia Student Information System can be installed in a single school or a district with 100s of schools. It is a comprehensive system that includes discipline, health, fees, IPP, scheduler, attendance, grading book, report card designer etc.

Insignia Teacher Resource Manager is designed for a resource center in a district, with capability to print packing slip, advanced booking and routing capability. All of the products are offered as a comprehensive package with no add-ons and at no additional cost. Our customers range from a single site to 140 sites (centralized). Insignia Library System is used in all types of libraries, such as school, public, special (crown corporation and law libraries) and academic libraries. At Insignia we value our customers and endeavor to exceed their expectations.