Power Com UPS

Founded in 1987, Powercom America , Inc. growth rapidly and is recognized as a leader for producing the most reliable power protection products worldwide. The company is particularly well known for its solutions in solving efficiently every day power problems. Powercom American, Inc designs, manufactures, markets and services the full line of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for Telecom, Medical, Industrial, Enterprise and individual PCs, LANs, HUBs and global communication networks. Its power management software is allowing users to manage and to monitor power easily in the way that whenever the continuous power is essential for their daily operations. Since it has earned a solid reputation for performances, confidences from customers and as a member of ISO 9001 Certificate, Powercom American, Inc continues to surpass the requirements from this organization and continues to receive the awards for its achievements. Powercom America, Inc. offers to customers a vast array of the models for all kinds of power protections. Drawing from 320VA for single PCs to 30KVA or more for network and industrial protections. It also is producing all models for Original Equipment Manufacturers customers (OEM) and providing the services.