Genral Dynamincs (SatCom Technologies)

Satellite and wireless communications technologies are advancing at a geometric rate. You need a wider range of solutions, greater flexibility, the highest quality equipment, and expert technical service to meet your high-speed communications requirements, today and tomorrow. You need solutions that make maximum sense. SATCOM Technologies is positioned to provide solutions for global satellite and wireless communications requirements. We are market leaders for base station and earth station communications products and services, VSAT antennas and antenna systems, and wireless backhaul products. We offer an exciting range of new communications products and services backed by the same high quality and expertise you’ve come to rely on.

At SATCOM Technologies, you’ll find more than new products and services. We are strategically aligned to deliver “best of class” products and services. It’s an alignment that also delivers synergy, flexibility and smarter communications that make sense for you. And we do it all within a “partnering” framework that recognizes the critical importance of your contribution to the process.

With our organization, SATCOM Technologies is ready to deliver all the “next generation” products to expand your capabilities and enhance your services, with a special focus on the dynamically growing Satellite and Wireless markets. And a promise to add even more exciting capabilities and customer enhancements in the near future. When you look to the future, look to SATCOM Technologies. And assure your business achieves the best in reliable, convenient, and economical communications. Our mission at SATCOM Technologies is to deliver the best products and services to help you meet your voice, video and data communications needs. We will continue our leadership as a full service provider of satellite and wireless communications products, services and installations of satellite earth stations.

Satellite communications is global in nature. It just makes sense that your provider be global as well. SATCOM Technologies is a truly global organization, serving a critical mass of clients in domestic and international markets. To support these markets, we have established local sales and service facilities around the world, with offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and India as well as the United States.

Our customer service function operates globally as well as locally. Understanding that response time is critical in your competitive environment, we streamlined our decision-making capabilities to provide quick answers and solutions when you need them. We also act globally in the delivery of complete systems, from design to manufacture to installation. Regardless of the nature of your system, our response and expertise can be at your disposal worldwide – delivered from the most convenient domestic or international office.

From now on, high-speed communications will only get faster. You’ll need expertise to combine new technologies with current and future applications. And a partner you can count on to deliver the best solutions to deliver your messages. Come work with SATCOM Technologies.