Emerging Systems fully understands the current global economic situation and also identified the prevailing economic conditions of the country. Based on this awareness we believe that the survival of businesses is mostly dependent of least operational cost. So for telecom sector, we understand that the most important area of operation of any Telecom Operator is Electrical Power Management and maintenance of company assets on pro-active basis. So Emerging Systems can offer following services…

Electrical Power Management

• Diesel Generator Maintenance

• Commercial Power Management

• DC Power Management

• Utility Bills Management

• Fuel Management using Smart Fuelling System

Mechanical O & M

• Design, Installation & maintenance of elevators.

• Hydraulic Systems O & M

• Supply of Mechanical Equipment

Air Conditioning & Environment

• Air Conditioning System Management

• Site General Environment Management

Civil Work Management

• Shelter Installation and Maintenance

• Civil work and Maintenance

• Tower Installation and Maintenance

Microwave Management

• Microwave Link Survey/Study

• Microwave Link Installation

• Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Asset / Property Management

• Site Acquisition Services

• Contract Management

• Property Management

• Security Management

Preventive and Corrective Maintenance work is handled by team of experienced staff having vast field experience. All team leads have already worked for Major Telecom Operators.