Modern business models around the world are increasingly organized across national boundaries. Global IT sourcing refers to the geographic distribution of different corporate activities. These activities can be performed either in-house or outsourced, and serve internal or external clients, or both.

To compete in this new world, contemporary business models adopt a portfolio approach to flexibly access the best sources world-wide of products, services and talent to meet clients‘ needs. Just as manufactured goods are sourced from around the world, IT now enables services, business process operations and other knowledge work to be deployed and delivered almost anywhere.

For IT-enabled services, and its customers, there are many drivers of global IT sourcing such as:

The ability to use operations in different time zones, allowing business to provide service and support customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Competition for a large pool of skilled labor (including language skills) and the spectacular decline in telecommunication costs as a result of the introduction of competition in many parts of the world.

By establishing an offshore presence, firms may gather additional insight into local markets, which can be used to customize the services offered and provided and improve their competitive positions in those markets.

Global IT sourcing creates employment and supports economic growth by strengthening national economies and helping companies to stay globally competitive. Many countries across the world are actively seeking to emulate the success of countries like Ireland, Korea and India in attracting foreign investment and fostering domestic economic development by investing in skills, infrastructure and business environments, which creates high value jobs that ultimately boosts GDP.

Many activities are conducted across borders, which is certainly not new. Technology developments have improved the ease with which certain types of services can now be provided at a distance – whether this distance is short or long. This is indeed a significant new benefit that many companies are increasingly maximizing, whether for their internal organization or as buyers or suppliers.

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